Romania’s record figure - wheat, barley and rapeseed

Fall crops – wheat, barley and rapeseed, have been harvested 60% to 90% and the average yield per hectare is the highest in a decade, Agriculture Ministry preliminary data show.

The average wheat yield is 5.4 tons/hectare, with more than half of the crop harvested. If the trend continues, the total production could stand at more than 11 million tons, a record figure.

“We’ve harvested wheat from half of the area allocated to the crop and we had areas with a high production and areas with lower but higher quality production. We are happy we signed quite a number of forward  contracts and are selling the harvest at very good prices,” says Ionut Lungoci, CEO of agricultural cooperative Dobrogea Sud, whose farmers grow grain on about 20,000 hectares.

Wheat price is currently ranging from EUR190 to EUR210/ton on the Euronext exchange in Paris.

Barley, Agriculture Ministry data show, has been harvested from 90% of the area allocated to it, or 311,000 hectares and average yield is 5.6 tons/hectare. This is the highest yield per hectare since 2010, after the record 4.4 tons/hectare of 2018, when total grain production reached an all-time high of 31 million tons, statistics show.

Average rapeseed yield in Romania is 3 tons/hectare, with 322,000 hectares already harvested or more than 70% of the area of land allocated to this crop. The highest average yield, 2.8 tons/hectare was recorded in 2016.