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Vegetable production in Poland

The total vegetable production area (sheltered and field vegetables) in Poland in 2020 was 182,100 ha, and the vegetable harvest ...

Nieuwsbericht | 08-03-2021 | 07:09

Poland: agricultural news week 9, 2021

In this week from Poland you can read about financial support for farmers, good prices for tulips for Women's Day and a campaing ...

Nieuwsbericht | 05-03-2021 | 17:46

Avian Influenza in wild birds in Poland

Half a thousand dead birds have been collected at the Bay of Puck in Poland since the beginning of February. Avian influenza ...

Nieuwsbericht | 05-03-2021 | 10:20

Study “Protein crop market in Poland”

The European Union aims to reduce its dependency on imports of protein crops and become more self-sufficient. The Netherlands ...

Nieuwsbericht | 02-03-2021 | 10:17

Poland: agricultural news week 8, 2021

This week we prepared a floral newsletter for you where you can read a short summary of the flower sales on Valentines Day in ...

Nieuwsbericht | 26-02-2021 | 17:53

Radioprogramma over tuinbouw in Polen

Jungle Talks en Paprika Tasty Radio bespreken via een Nederlands tweewekelijks radioprogramma ontwikkelingen van de ...

Nieuwsbericht | 24-02-2021 | 14:26

Poland: agricultural news week 7, 2021

In our latest agrinews read about positive export of Polish agri products, lacking eggs on the Polish market and danger of ...

Nieuwsbericht | 19-02-2021 | 17:10

Summary of the fruit season in Poland

Polish Fruit growers Association looked on the summaries of many international players in the fruit sector. The association made ...

Nieuwsbericht | 17-02-2021 | 16:30

Poland: agricultural news week 6

In agrinews this week read about frost harming trade in Poland, bot not affecting mushroom production and export or land prices. ...

Nieuwsbericht | 12-02-2021 | 16:19

Food waste in Poland

About 9 million tons of food are wasted annually in Poland, and at the same time about 1.6 million people live in extreme ...

Nieuwsbericht | 10-02-2021 | 14:54