Increase in the export of food from Poland

In the period of January-March 2022, the total export value of agri-food goods from Poland increased, in relation to the same period of 2021, by 16.2%, to EUR 10.2 billion (PLN 46 billion). The increase in the export in the first three months of 2022 has mainly resulted from the PLN/EUR exchange rate beneficial to exporters, which, due to the dominant share of the EU countries in the Polish export, generated an increase in revenues.

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The export limited the negative impact of the armed conflict in Ukraine on the results of agri-food export in total.

About 75% of revenues from the export of agri-food products were generated by the sale to the European Union countries. In the EU market, goods worth EUR 7.6 billion were sold, which meant increase by 21% when compared to the first quarter of 2021. The largest revenues from the export to the EU-27 came from the sale to

  • Germany (EUR 2.6 billion, increase by 18%),
  • the Netherlands (EUR 669 million, increase by 34%),
  • France (EUR 650 million, increase by 26%),
  • Italy (EUR 500 million, decrease by 1%) and
  • the Czech Republic (EUR 451 million, increase by 25%).

Agri-food products worth EUR 2.6 billion (increase by 4%) were exported to the non-EU countries, of which the export to the non-EU countries (non-CIS countries) increased by 6% to EUR 2.2 billion.

Major customers of domestic agri-food products, just like in previous years, were mainly:

  • the United Kingdom (revenues at the level of EUR 836 million, increase by 32%),
  • the United States (EUR 183 million, increase by 33%) and
  • Saudi Arabia (EUR 107 million, decrease by 43%), followed by
  • Israel (EUR 82 million, increase by 29%),
  • Norway (EUR 69 million, increase by 28%), as well as
  • Switzerland (EUR 61 million, increase by 38%).
Value of export of agri food products in the first quater of 2022
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In the first quarter of 2022, the export to the CIS countries was at the level of EUR 416 million, by 5% lower than in the comparable period of the previous year. Poland exported to the CIS countries mainly

  • bread and bakery products (EUR 34 million),
  • chocolate products (EUR 26 million),
  • cheese and curd (EUR 21 million),
  • pet food (EUR 19 million),
  • processed vegetables (EUR 16 million) and
  • fresh apples and pears (EUR 16 million).

The commodity structure of Polish agri-food export in the first quarter of 2022 was dominated by meat and meat products EUR 2.0 billion, increase by 28%), mainly poultry meat and beef, meat products and pork. Another group was cereals and products (EUR 1.2 billion, increase by 3%), tobacco and tobacco products (EUR 1.0 billion, increase by 1%), milk products (EUR 0.8 billion, increase by 33%) and sugar and confectionery (EUR 0.7 billion, increase by 17%).

The import of agri-food goods in the first quarter of 2022 amounted to EUR 7.2 billion (PLN 3.3 billion) and was by 21.6% higher than the year before. A very large increase in the import resulted from the rising transaction prices of imported raw materials. In the period of January-March 2022, the positive trade balance amounted to EUR 3.0 billion (PLN 14 billion), by 5.1% higher than in the corresponding period of 2021.

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Structure of exported commodities
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