Vegetarian Day in Poland

On January 11, we celebrate the World Vegetarian Day. Every year Poles are more and more open to this type of diet and lifestyle. Vegetarianism is not only the withdrawal of meat for ideological reasons, but also a healthy approach to nutrition and the planet.

The data from Roślinniejemy shows that 43% of Poles limit their consumption of meat, and almost every tenth person does not eat it at all. And flexitarianism - that is, the conscious limitation of animal products in the diet - is one of the leading trends in the food industry.

Vegetarianism is the deliberate exclusion of meat, including fish, seafood and insects, from the diet. It is also associated with avoiding other animal products on the plate. Vegetarianism is a choice, and it can be chosen for moral, health, environmental, or economic reasons, or all of them.

The trend is to move away from eating meat on a daily basis and reduce consumption in favor of finding better-quality meat or leaving it only for the weekend, for example. Young people are increasingly choosing to cut down on meat or switch to vegetarianism or veganism.

ceasar salades with plantbased 'meat'
Beeld: ©Murawska

Plantproducts offer on the shelves

The vegetable food category is developing very dynamically in retail. - We are talking about a dozen or several dozen or three digital increases from year to year depending on a specific category, a specific market and the degree of its development. Over the last two years, this category has increased by approx. 50% in total. - said Marcin Tischner during Forum for plant products in Poland.

Mateusz Kowalewski, president of Hortimex, believes that the category of meat and dairy substitutes is driven by flexitarians, not vegans and vegetarians. Plant substitutes appeared from the needs of vegetarians and vegans, who could not find products attractive to them in terms of taste. It was to them that this offer was initially addressed. Today, however,

the main driver and driving force of this market are flexitarians.

The plant trend has been felt by not only food producers and restaurateurs, but also global fast food chains, which are increasingly competing with vege offers. On the occasion of Veganuary (eating only vegetarian food in January), KFC UK announced that the vegan Burger is back and it's better than ever. In turn, Burger King UK has added vegan nuggets to its menu.

Source: Horecatrends