Webinar in Poland: towards food circularity: food waste in HoReCa

When talking about circular economy we cannot always focus on production. Especially in the food the whole chain should be put in the spotlight.

Towards food circularity

Food is wasted in each part of the food chain and though the most waste is created already on the field,  it is mainly caused by storms or floods. This has to change, but action has to be taken in the whole economy to limit climate changes. The second most fragile part of food chain are the consumers. And here we have a lot to do. Two years ago the Embassy organized a seminar about food waste for consumers, here you can find out more.

This year we will focus on HoReCa, the most professionalized area within the whole food chain but at the same time very significant in the amount of food served and wasted. This sector is developing despite obstacles caused by pandemic, they are open for improvement to meet customers’ needs. Having in mind trends in catering business, the Embassy has chosen the topic “Towards food circularity: food waste in HoReCa” for this year.

On the 14th October at 10:00 the webinar will be broadcasted from  the studio in Warsaw. You can subscribe for the webinar here

Dutch Circular Day and circular manufacturing

The webinar is an integral part of the Dutch Circular Day that will take place on Thursday 14 October in the framework of Circular Week 2021 in Poland. The other webinar broadcasted during the day will focus on circular manufacturing.

As we are fully aware that manufacturing in Poland has been shifting gears to a different level after the pandemic, so the Embassy has chosen “Circular economy practices in manufacturing” as our topic for this year’s edition. The economic potential for using materials more efficiently is huge in Poland and we will showcase some best practices from the Netherlands and from Poland to demonstrate how it can be done. As every improvement in business needs funds, we will also discuss how to finance circular production.

These two digital events will also offer a great opportunity for matchmaking and networking, strengthening both bilateral and international cooperation in the transition to circularity. Book in your agenda and register for 14th of October!