Photographic and floristic variations on the theme of the Dutch Garden

A recognized nature photographer, Magda Wasiczek, ran last year a photo workshop in the Dutch Garden in Łazienki Królewskie park in Warsaw. During the workshops, Magda took a series of photos of the garden, which a year later, at exactly the same time, can be admired in the form of an open-air exhibition in Łazienki Królewskie park.

three ladies cutting the flower ribbon

Due to the uncertain situation and the threat of the fourth wave of the pandemic, it was not possible to organize a conventional opening of the exhibition. Nevertheless, in order to emphasize the importance of this event, and at the same time to encourage visitors to see the exhibition at a convenient time (and in a safe way), the Embassy decided to celebrate the opening of the exhibition in a special way.

Flower ribbon

On the opening day, at the entrance gate to Łazienki, at Chinese Avenue, which is exactly where you can admire Magda Wasiczek's photographs, a beautiful, 8 meter long flower garland was hung. Magda's photos show the beauty of the Dutch Garden, therefore also the garland directly referred to the flowers that can be admired in the Garden.

That is why the braid includes beautiful bouquet hydrangeas interspersed with branch roses, imitating classic garden roses with small flowers. Both main color spots, i.e. white and intense pink, have been delicately combined with colors and complementary forms: sedum and ivy leaves and a cold purple hint of veronica flowers, which is exactly the color set that can be found several dozen meters away in a real Dutch Garden. An additional difficulty was the gate itself, which, due to its weight and size, determined the thickness of the flower chain.

A few minutes after 4:00 p.m., the flower garland was solemnly cut by those present at the opening:

  • Daphne Bergsma, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Poland, ​​
  • Magda Wasiczek, the author of the presented photographs and
  • Marianna Otmianowska - vice director of the Royal Łazienki Park.

The exhibition has officially opened.

Photos showing biodiversity in the Dutch Garden seen with Magda Wasiczek's lens can be admired on the fence of the Royal Łazienki from the side of Agrykola until the end of September 2021. The exhibition is free and can be viewed all day long.

Dutch Garden in Warsaw
©Paweł Czarnecki

The task of floristic transfer of the Garden at the entrance gate was undertaken by the Polish florist Anna Rosochacz, you can see in the photos how she managed it.

Thanks to the garland, it was possible to transfer the spirit of the garden for several minutes and juxtapose live plants and photos of them, while the very closing of the gate with a flower rope caused the interest of guests staying in the park, who willingly gathered around the gate and became natural guests visiting the opening of the exhibition.

Flowers used for the garland

  • Hydrangea Magical® 'Ruby Red'
  • Spray roses 'Kate-Lynn'
  • Veronica spicata 'Smart Laguna'
  • Senecio cineraria
  • Sedum spectabile 'Thunderhead'
  • Hedera Helix
  • Euonymus Japonicus ‘Aureomariginatus’
  • Rosa canina