Austrian agricultural exports exceeds 10 billion Euros in 2016

According to preliminary annual results of exports from Austria the export value in 2016 increased by 3.2%, even though their amount slightly decreased. On the other hand, although in 2016 the exports were of a total value of 10.4 bln euro, imports represented a total value of 11.4 bln euro

The main product groups which Austria exports are meat and meat products, milk and milk products, fresh and prepared fruit and vegetables and also bakery goods and non-alcoholic drinks. The most important export partners of Austria are its neighboring countries of Germany and Italy. In third place is the USA and afterwards Hungary, Switzerland and Slovenia.

From Germany’s perspective, Austria is their 7th biggest importer of agricultural goods, which strengthens this partnership even more. In 2016 the export goods from Austria to Germany maintained its levels from 2015 at around 2.9 mil. ton and with the rise of the products value, this trade is even more advantageous for Austrian farmers and producers. From commodities cheeses were the main export products to Germany in 2016 in the value of 297 mil. euros for 66.270 tons of cheese. Austria is Germany’s 4th biggest importer of cheese and for a nation that has a per person annual consumption of 24.6 kg of cheese that means a relatively steady market.

Agricultural trade between The Netherlands and Austria

With agricultural exports of over 1 bln euro to Austria, The Netherlands has a trade surplus with Austria of over 500 mil. euro. The trade between the Netherlands and Austria is dominated by exports of fruit & vegetables and flowers to Austria (>30% of total agricultural Dutch exports to Austria). Austrian exports to The Netherlands were dominated by meat and wines (>40% of total Austrian exports to The Netherlands).