Myanmar plans an economic zone in the south focusing on the fishery industry

Myanmar Ministry of Commerce said a proposed plan is underway to establish an economic zone focusing on the fishery industry including the whole sale market, cold storage facilities, jetties in Tanintharyi Region, south-eastern Myanmar. 


Aquaculture sector has been listed as one of the country’s most vulnerable sectors to the Covid-19 crisis. A sharp decline in Myanmar fishery product export due to the global pandemic as well as a drop in local fish consumption due to the transportation restrictions, closing of restaurants, hotels made Myanmar to consider for long term solutions to the sector. The latest statistics show 65% decline in local fish consumption in Myanmar.

To remedy the situation, Myanmar Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Irrigation together with the Myanmar Fishery Federation have initiated the setup of mobile market trucks across the states and regions. In addition, the local distribution network has been expanded to reach out to the people, to offer the fishery products with fair prices.  

Myanmar aims for a stronger and sustainable fishery sector. In March, 2020 the country developed a national-level Aquaculture Development Plan 2019-2023.  See the link for more details.