Royal De Heus imports first Grand Parent Stock breeder piglets to Myanmar

De Heus is active in Myanmar since 2014. In 2016 it opened a 1st factory near Yangon, in 2018 a 2nd feed mill near Mandalay, followed this year by a 3rd factory for aquafeed near Yangon. Besides production of animal feed, De Heus is also investing in many other agricultural activities, part of this is the establishment of a so-called Grandparent (GP) Stock Breeding farm in Kayah State, that will help to produce better quality pigs for the market on commercial farms owned by private farmers in Myanmar.

The first 271 GP piglets, bred by Topigs Norsvin, arrived therefore on 27th of August by Boeing 747 from Paris on Myanmar soil. The GP farm is managed by a qualified team that followed intensive training with focus on health, animal welfare and performance management. To realize and promote further inclusive growth by swine in Myanmar (project Myanmar PIGS).

De Heus also sets up several training and demo farms throughout Myanmar, where farmers that receive Topigs pigs will be trained in modern farm management and demonstrated how to raise the animals in a sustainable way.