Field day event attracted over 900 vegetable farmers and professionals in Kayin State, Myanmar

Over 900 vegetable farmers and professionals attended the field day event at Kawt Lai Village, Hpa An Township in Kyain State, Myanmar. The activities were jointly organized by VegCap, VegImpact, with East West Seed’s Knowledge Transfer Foundation, on 12 and 13 June 2019.

The focus of the field day event was to provide knowledge, skills and information for the farmers alongside practical demonstrations and workshops. The field days showed the effects of advanced technologies such as mulching, trellising netting, pruning, functions of fertilizers and seedling trays. The event was part of the ongoing knowledge transfer program of the combined projects VEGCAP and VegImpact. The common goal is to provide practical training and accountable information for farmers producing vegetables. This comprehensive training program is developed under VegCap and implemented with active participation of the Myanmar Ministry of Agriculture, State Agricultural Institutes and NGOs.

Wageningen University and Research is the lead partner of the knowledge transfer program.

Field Day Opening Hpa An Myanmar