Feasibility on Myanmar Spices Export

‘Roadmap towards Sustainable Spices Production in Myanmar’ is a feasibility study report developed by Fresh Studio in Myanmar in collaboration with CREM in the Netherlands.

The report provides an overview of classification and production of spices in Myanmar to inform the potential Dutch companies for sourcing/trading of spices from Myanmar. Information and analysis are based on the desk review, focused group discussions, interviews with stakeholders as well as official data released by the relevant departments and ministries.

The report is contracted by RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) in close coordination with the Agricultural Unit at the Netherland’s Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar.

For more information

Read the full report or contact

  • Esther Wintraecken

           Country Manager, Fresh Studio Myanmar


  • Tien Hoang

            The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)


  • Frederik Heijink

            Agricultural Counsellor, The Netherlands Embassy in Yangon