Myanmar: Poultry health and diagnostic capacity building programme

Yezin University of Veterinary Science, Myanmar (YUVS) works in partnership with the Netherlands Wageningen Bio-Veterinary Research (WBVR, Lelystad) and Dutch National Animal Health Service (GD-Animal Health, Deventer) to improve poultry health and disease control across Myanmar.

Second Poultry Mission to Myanmar

Institutional strengthening of poultry disease management project in Myanmar

The partnership is part of the Government to Government support project ‘Institutional strengthening of poultry disease management in Myanmar’.  The first incoming poultry mission was in Myanmar in 2018 September, followed by the second follow up mission in 2019, from 15-23 January. The mission focuses at the private sector level and the sustainable development of the domestic poultry sector.  The second mission successfully focused on the poultry health and diagnostic capacity programme in Yangon (15-17 January) and Mandalay Regions (21-23 January). Subjects such as poultry disease recognition, post-mortem examinations, course on epidemiology were delivered to the relevant departmental staff, members of Myanmar Livestock Federation and private poultry companies including representatives from De Heus in Myanmar.

During the visit, the delegation had additional technical and strategic meetings with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department, and Myanmar Livestock Federation. Key objectives of the meetings were to identify further steps so that Myanmar can eventually come up with the National Poultry Development Plan and to discuss the necessary inputs from Dutch experts for the development of surveillance systems including identification, registration and monitoring in Poultry diseases.

Contact details for further information of this programme:

  • Dr. Teun Fabri

Veterinary Manager

Poultry Department, Dutch National Animal Health Service

  • Dr. Ed. G.M. van Klink

Senior Epidemiologist

Wageningen Bioverterinary Research

Second Poultry Mission Meeting with Stakeholders Myanmar