Yangon Region Agricultural Sector Development Project

The Regional Government of Yangon has announced its implementation plan for Yangon City which is the most important commercial city as well as the main port for imports and exports of agricultural products in Myanmar. 

Yangon Region

Yangon Region

Agricultural Sector Development Project Master Plan

According to the Yangon Region Agricultural Sector Development Project Master Plan (2018 to 2021), the Regional Government will implement total (21) agricultural development projects with a total investment of 430 million USD by the private sector. Most of the projects are related to rice sector developments such as rice seed production, high quality rice mills, by-products industries, value-added rice manufacturing industries, storage facilities, loading and unloading jetty.

Based on the market oriented production, the purpose of the Master Plan is to encourage the private sector for agricultural sector development, and the support and assistance given by the government is to support for smooth functioning of business. The Master Plan outlines the following activities which aim to drive sustainable agriculture sector development of the Yangon Region.

  • To establish small stakeholder Agricultural Land Development Scheme
  • To establish the Crop Diversification System
  • To initiate a Pluralistic (Multinational)  Extension System, by using IT Technologies
  • To increase both local and foreign investments for seed industries (quality seeds production, distribution etc.)
  • To increase both local and foreign investment for production and distribution of agriculture inputs
  • To enhance agricultural mechanization and to reduce post- harvest losses by establishing Agricultural Service Centers
  • To establish Agro-based Industrial Zone or Food Park
  • To update institutional building for agricultural products supply chain
  • To develop wholesale markets and supermarkets for vegetables, fruits and flowers
  • To deliver the expertise for loan, saving, insurance services, business and finance management, agricultural products supply chain to rural society and small holder farmers

From the side of the private sector, the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) and its member companies had already planned to invest in these projects from 2017-2018 to 2020-2021 budget years.

In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (MoALI) encourages private sectors also for seed industry development for cereals (rice, maize), oilseeds (groundnut, sesame, sunflower), pulses (black gram, pigeon pea, mung bean, soy bean). 

The International Standard Poultry (Boiler) Production Project in Hmawbi and Hlegu townships are included in the Master Plan in order to develop the livestock sector. The investment for this projects is total 9.5 billion MMK (6 million €). The projects will eventually improve soil fertility by obtaining organic fertilizers. The project also will support rural electrification and school clinics. In addition, The International Standard Slaughter House and Cold Storage by Yangon Integrated Slaughter House Public Company Limited (YIS) is also a crucial project led by the Yangon Regional Government. Total 18 billion MMK ( 11 million €)and 26 million USD will be invested for this project. Technology and management will be derived from European countries.

In the area of horticulture sector, an Organic Horticulture/Floriculture project in Yangon Region by Yangon Horti-Flori Public Company Limited will be implemented with a total 10 billion MMK (6.2 million €) and 5 million USD. Additionally, MAEX project for International Standard Wholesales Market in Danyingone, Insein Township is important, total 118 billion MMK (74.5 million €) will be invested. The international Standard Wholesales Market will function as a network system for market prices for the whole country, as an Advisory Centre for business development and international standard laboratories in order to test food quality and safety standard and pesticide residue for vegetables, fruits and flowers. It will also announce daily, weekly, monthly prices for vegetables, fruits and flowers in a timely manner.

The Yangon Region Agricultural Sector Development Project Master Plan, which is largely based on the Agricultural Development Strategies (ADS) of MoALI, is a combined Master Plan to enhance cooperation and coordination with productivity, competitiveness, governance and practical thinking for the development of agriculture sector. The projects can provide linkage between value-added supply chains and private-public sector cooperation. Besides, foreign investors can hold potential investment opportunities in the agricultural sector of the Yangon Region. The plan can offer also future investments possibilities for NL  companies.

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