Dutch vegetable sector support Myanmar

Working together to improve vegetable production, storage and marketing


There are nearly one million households in Myanmar that grow horticultural crops. Some rural households only produce for their own consumption. A growing number of farmers see vegetable production also as an important source of income. The domestic demand for quality vegetables is increasing. There are also opportunities for exports.

Several leading horticultural companies together with experts of Wageningen University and Research from the Netherlands support the commercial growth and development of the vegetable sector in Myanmar.
The Government of the Netherlands provides financial support.

Their common goal is to become a trusted partner of vegetable growers, input suppliers, traders, extension services and other public and private stakeholders in the Myanmar vegetable sector. Together they can assist in realising the commercial growth potential of the sector and raise productivity and income of male and female vegetable growers.

For more information visit the website: http://www.dutchvegsupportmyanmar.com/