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A step-by-step national vaccination plan to roll out in Myanmar

‘’I want to urge you all to maintain constant vigilance, thinking that the vaccine would be available soon’’, said Myanmar State ...

Nieuwsbericht | 29-01-2021 | 04:02

Myanmar plans an economic zone in the south focusing on the fishery industry

Myanmar Ministry of Commerce said a proposed plan is underway to establish an economic zone focusing on the fishery industry ...

Nieuwsbericht | 27-01-2021 | 13:48

Myanmar 2020 rice export exceeded its target

Despite the ongoing pandemic and economic challenges, Myanmar 2020 rice export exceeded its target 2.4 million tonnes due to the ...

Nieuwsbericht | 19-01-2021 | 05:00

Myanmar exempts four priority crops from Value for Cultivation and Use (VCU) Testing

The National Seed Committee (NSC), Myanmar announced that four priority crops (Hot pepper/Chili, Tomato, Musk Melon, and ...

Nieuwsbericht | 21-12-2020 | 08:11

Myanmar: NUFFIC OKP opens 2021 call for proposals Tailor-Made-Training (TMT)

Nuffic Orange Knowledge Programme OKP ‘Calls for joint proposals Tailor-Made-Training (TMT)’ is currently ongoing until 21 ...

Nieuwsbericht | 17-12-2020 | 06:20

'Landbouw in Myanmar heeft veel potentie'

De voedselproductie in Myanmar kan fors stijgen, de potentie is absoluut aanwezig. Het land kan zelfs de voedselschuur worden van ...

Nieuwsbericht | 15-12-2020 | 08:54

Fruits export looks promising for Myanmar

Myanmar aims to intensify the productivity and to diversify the export markets in the coming year. The drafting of a new Myanmar ...

Nieuwsbericht | 15-12-2020 | 06:29

Myanmar’s first International Livestock and Agriculture Online Show

The very first online event will take place for livestock, agriculture and fishery industry in Myanmar. From 24 October – 15 ...

Nieuwsbericht | 16-10-2020 | 01:48

Negative impacts of Covid-19 in Myanmar continue

The survey findings presented by the Agriculture and Rural Development Sector Coordination Group (ARDSCG) and the World Bank in ...

Nieuwsbericht | 09-10-2020 | 11:01

Worrying results from the latest World Bank Myanmar survey on households

World Bank Myanmar presents results from its recent nationally representative survey on Household’s Living Conditions and ...

Nieuwsbericht | 08-09-2020 | 05:39