Report from Rabobank signals a path for the future of the Mexican pork industry

According to a recent report by Rabobank, the Mexican pork industry faces a challenge ahead as the current technology in the production chain is not suited to fulfil the future market demand. A modernization of the sector is plausible, but in order for Mexico to become a global competitive pork meat supplier, investment is necessary.

Pig Farm
Beeld: ©Pascal Debrunner

The report identifies the areas of investment on which the sector should focus to generate a better financial results and increase production. First of all, it should invest more in biosecurity and build-up employees’ skills and capabilities. Second, it should integrate small producers into the chain. Finally, it should focus on moving into higher value, convenience products and increasing exports.

If these investments are not made and the sector does not innovate, it will face herd health challenges causing volatility, as well as inconsistent pork quality causing tighter margins, according to the report.

For more detailed information, please consult the report through the link below.