Mexican participants in international greenhouse challenge

The goal of the challenge is to  produce a cucumber crop  within 4 months with a  high level of production  and a  high resource use efficiency. For that, selected teams will get the possibility to operate a greenhouse compartment at the  greenhouse facilities of WUR in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands. Teams need to achieve the goal by growing the crop remotely controlled, supported by measured values of greenhouse climate and crop development and also webcam footage.

The teams will have to make choices with respect to the control settings in order to control the crop growth  remotely. They also can  add their own sensors/camera’s  to generate additional information.

Each team will be able to  extract necessary  data  from the greenhouse compartment and  add  their own ICT/models/machine learning algorithms in order to decide on the control settings for the next day/period.

Mexican participation

One of the teams consists of Mexican students and teachers.

Curious about the development of the challenge? Please visit the website of the autonomous greenhouse challenge below.