Holland Horse Land set to paint Mexico City orange at the Longines Global Champions Tour 2018

Holland Horse Land will be represented by Equine Support International (ESI) in cooperation with the Dutch Embassy in Mexico City for the Longines Global Champions Tour 2018.

Holland Horse Land is a project that came together through the cooperation of ESI and the Dutch Embassy in Mexico. It has become an annual activity for the reason that the equine industry in Mexico is growing substantially. There is a need for equestrian knowledge, products and services. Horses are one of the Netherlands top commodities and there is an increase in demand for them in Mexico. ESI will be present to offer their years of experience and their service of providing vital knowledge on horses, their care and management, and the products available on the market.

Dutch presence

The Mexico City Longines Global Champions Tour is taking place from 22nd - 25th March 2018. Holland Horse Land will be at one of the booths, where they will be offering their services. Visitors can find an array of different information regarding the equestrian industry. ESI will be willing to offer all they know and answer all questions. The goal is to bring all Mexican horse owners, lovers, riders and the Dutch equestrian sector together. The knowledge passed on will improve the overall well-being of horses and, therefore, their sport performance levels will increase.

Become involved by visiting the booth and taking in all it has to offer. Find more details on the Global Champions Tour and the Equine Support International websites.