Finance Act Kenya

There is a new Finance Act in Kenya which affects (agri)businesses. To share some of the implications of this Finance Act for businesses the Embassy organized a Breakfast Session on the 12th of October 2018. During this breakfast guest speakers Samuel Njoroge and Lynnet Mwithi from Taxwise and Bosire Nyamori from Ogetto, Otachi and Company Advocates gave a good overview of the implications of this new act.   

Finance News
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The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Nairobi plans to continue organizing sessions for Dutch businesses in Kenya on matters that affect the ease of doing business in Kenya. In case you are a Duch company and you have not yet received invitations for these events, but you would like to be informed you can send an email to

In addition Bosire Nyamori from Ogetto, Otachi and Company Advocates has offered to give a series of updates on the new reforms that affect (Dutch) agribusinesses in Kenya. We will be sharing these updates on agroberichten.

For more information and the full presentation on the Finance Act see the powerpoint.