Poultry Orientation Mission to Almaty: take your chance!

The Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture is planning to organize a Poultry Orientation Mission to Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan’s poultry industry has witnessed a steady growth in recent years. Today Kazakhstan is self-sufficient in eggs. However, local companies are still unable to satisfy the domestic demand in poultry meat.

Currently 55 companies are engaged in the commercial poultry production in Kazakhstan, including 32 companies specialized in egg production and 18 companies specialized in poultry meat production. The top 5 largest producers of live poultry are Almaty Region (over 9 million birds or 15% of total production), Akmola Region (over 5 million birds or 14.4%), North Kazakhstan Region (4.2 million birds or 10.8%), Kostanai (4.2 million birds or 10.6%) and East Kazakhstan Region (3.8 million or 9.7%).

Program Poultry Orientation Mission

Poultry meat production

The primary meat consumed in Kazakhstan is beef followed by lamb and poultry. Although the country produces around 180,000 tons of poultry meat, its domestic consumption is nearly twice as high. According to the Poultry Union of Kazakhstan, the plan for 2018 was to increase the poultry meat production up to 211,000 tons, which is by 30,000 tons higher than in 2017. However, this increase does not allow to fully satisfy demand of the domestic market which relies on imports for nearly 50% (mainly from Ukraine, Russia, Brazil and USA). Altogether, Almaty, East Kazakhstan and Akmola regions produce over 77% of poultry meat, accounting for 76,238 tons, 44,791 tons and 18,112 tons, respectively.  

Chicken mission

Egg production

Currently the country is self-sufficient in eggs. Its production fully covers the domestic demand in eggs. Local egg producers have also started going abroad. Some companies started exporting to the far and near abroad, including to countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Mongolia, Afghanistan and UAE. In near future, there are also plans to start egg and poultry meat exports to China.

According to industry experts, Kazakhstan faces a number of issues that hinder further development of the poultry industry:

Lack of poultry feed and very weak animal feed production sector. The country is only self-sufficient in grain and a little bit in corn, but all other premixes, additives and vitamins are imported from abroad. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, there are about 69 feed producing companies in Kazakhstan, includes both companies producing feed for cattle and poultry. The majority of these companies are based in Almaty Region (35%), North Kazakhstan Region (27%) and Aktobe Region (11%), which makes 73% in total, and the rest 27% is scattered in other regions. These 69 feed producing companies produce about 1.9 million tons of feed per year, which is only slightly over 40% of their capacity because they produce feed depending on incoming orders. The companies produces less poultry feed than their production capacity because prices of feed are very high and not all companies can afford it. There are some small-scale producers, who do not purchase feed at all.

Dependence on foreign poultry pedigree/parent stock breeders is another problem for Kazakhstan. If there is an outbreak of bird flu in Europe, Kazakhstan will be unable to import the parent stock. Therefore, there is a need in establishing a local farm/company that will breed a pedigree stock (both for egg and broiler production) locally.

Opportunities for Dutch companies

In our opinion, business opportunities for Dutch companies in the poultry sector exist in the following areas:

  • Poultry breeding: hatching eggs and day-old chickens;
  • Hatchery technology;
  • Poultry housing solutions, including housing systems, ventilation, climate control, feeding and watering systems, etc.;
  • Poultry feed and healthcare: feed milling equipment, premixes, additives, vitamins and veterinary preparations;
  • Processing solutions for poultry slaughtering;
  • Waste management solutions (especially for large poultry and egg producers);
  • Practical training.  

Poultry Orientation Mission

Taking into account the opportunities for Dutch companies, the Embassy decided to arrange  a Poultry Orientation Mission to Almaty. The city of Almaty was chosen in terms of its central location and logistics wise position towards neighboring southern regions and cities. We plan to invite local poultry factories and farms from the city of Almaty, Almaty oblast, city of Chimkent, Turkestan oblast, etc.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is pleased to invite you to take part in the Dutch Poultry Orientation Mission in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 15th of May.

Program Poultry Orientation Mission

If your company is active in one of the above-mentioned segments and is interested in the upcoming orientation mission, please respond to this announcement by sending an email to the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kazakhstan at ALM-EA@minbuza.nl by Monday, 15 April 2019 at the latest.  

For more information, you can address Meeuwes Brouwer, Agricultural Counselor, at mos-lnv@minbuza.nl

We are looking forward to seeing you among the participants of the mission!