“Great Eggspectations!” Call for ideas developing Blockchain solutions for the egg supply chain

The egg supply chain is one of the most important in the global food system, yet also one of the most vulnerable. The recent contamination scare that affected over 30 European countries made it clear to consumers and businesses alike a new system of accountability and transparency was a necessity in both the production and distribution of eggs. In this respect, Blockchain has an enormous potential to revolutionize the food sector and allow for a more sustainable and competitive system in every aspect of the product chain.

The call for ideas is jointly held by Seeds&Chips, Coop and IBM, each specialists in their field. Seeds&Chips, The Global Food Innovation Summit, is one of the most widely respected FoodTech ecosystems in the world, Coop is the largest retailer in Italy, and IBM is a world leader in innovation for the business world and beyond.

Best blockchain solutions

The call is focused on developing the best blockchain solutions in the following areas: distribution chain monitoring; agriculture; traceability; retail innovation; big data and precision monitoring. The projects should adhere to one of three general themes: large scale retail, local markets, or integrated systems.


The call for Great Eggspectations! closes on July 15, 2018 but until then, projects, startups, universities, or research centers are encouraged to apply; in order to find the best solution to redesign the egg supply chain, the widest net must be cast. The winning solution will have the chance to develop a pilot project with Coop using the entire suite of IBM Cloud tools (including Watson, IoT, Blockchain and Cognitive Computing), for which they will also receive up to €120,000 credit. The winner will be announced on September 30, 2018.

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