100 years Wageningen University & Research Celebration in Indonesia

Wageningen University & Research (Wageningen UR), Wageningen UR Indonesian PhDs and Wageningen UR alumni chapter Indonesia celebrated the 100 years of Wageningen together with Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) with  the event “the Wageningen Indonesian Network Scientific Exposure (WISE)” in Cibinong Science Centre Campus on 5-6 July 2018. The event was officially opened by the Chairman of LIPI, Dr. Laksana Tri Handoko.


WISE 2018 is  a gathering aiming to intensify the connection between Wageningen UR and Indonesia, to update researches conducted by among Indonesian students and alumni of Wageningen UR, and to elaborate and initiate new ideas and research collaboration between Wageningen UR - Indonesian network.

The theme of WISE2018 was Food, Health, Ecological Resilience and celebrating 100 years of Wageningen UR : Students and Alumni contribution towards prosperous Indonesia. Panel discussions, series of lectures and presentations as well as focus group discussions and workshops took place during the event.

The successful event was attended by ±150 participants from all over Indonesia including from collaborating organizers. In this occasion a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Wageningen UR and LIPI was officially signed by the chairman of LIPI, Dr. Laksana Tri Handoko and Prof. Henk Hogeveen, the representative of Wageningen UR, Netherlands.

Furthermore, VegIMPACT-2, a 2-year project on horticulture-related funded by the Royal Netherlands embassy in Jakarta was successfully launched. Coordinator of this project is Mr. Huib Hengsdijk, for more info email to : huib.hengsdijk@wur.nl

Located in Ecodome in Bogor city, the two-day congregation was officially sealed by the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Indonesia Mr. Rob Swartbol. Planting  Anaxagorea Javanica in the famous Bogor Botanical Garden officially concluded  the tribute to 100 years Wageningen UR centennial in Indonesia.