Indonesia : 100 Years WUR - Wageningen Indonesian Scientific Exposure (WISE) 2018

Wageningen Indonesian Scientific Exposure (WISE) was established in 2016 as a platform for Indonesian PhD candidates in Wageningen University & Research (WUR) as well as researchers from Wageningen and Indonesia to share their research and ideas to broader scientific communities.

This year WISE2018 will be held in Indonesia on July 5-6th 2018, hosted by Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). The WISE2018 event is organized as an integrated part of the 100th WUR Dies Natalis celebration,  co-organized by: LIPI, WUR, WUR Indonesian PhDs and WUR alumni chapter Indonesia.

This event will consists of two days activities: Day 1. Plenary meeting (with keynotes, PhDs and alumni lectures) and Day 2. Excursion, specialized workshops and/or focus group discussions.

Keynote speakers

Prof. Dr. Henk Hogeveen (Wageningen UR chairman for Indonesia)

Prof. Dr. Enny Sudarmonowati, MSc (Deputy for Natural Science-LIPI)

Prof. Dr. Okky Karna Radjasa MSc* (Ministry of Research-Technology and Higher Education)

Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Gusti Muhammad Hatta, MS* (Former Minister of Research and Technology, WUR alumni Indonesia)

Here is the Registration and Information

Wise 2018