Joint Cooperation of Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta, Kebun Raya Bogor and EWINDO

On the 23rd of February, PT East West Seed Indonesia (Ewindo) together with the Dutch Embassy signed a cooperation agreement with the Bogor Botanical Garden. The Director of Center for Conservation of LIPI Botanical Garden Dr. Didik Widyatmoko, Head of Public Diplomacy & Cultural Affairs of Dutch Embassy and Director of Erasmus Huis, Michael Rauner and Ewindo's President Director Glenn Pardede were present during the signing.


"We are proud to establish cooperation with the Bogor Botanical Gardens together with the Dutch Embassy. We hope through this effort the wealth of genetic resources of Indonesia that is very high can be maintained and preserved, "said Ewindo President Director, Glenn Pardede.
This cooperation is also marked by the planting of the first Begonia flower in the Ecodome compound. This flower has the advantage of being able to bloom for a long time. The beauty of Begonia varieties can be seen from the form of thick leaves and dark green or light green. It has varying color flowers such as red, pink and white and is very suitable to be developed in pots or gardens. Besides Begonia, there is also a flower planting of Vinca or Tapak Dara in the Ecodome area, a high-tech building in a dome-shaped environment. Ecodome was presented as a 200th anniversary gift of the Bogor Botanical Garden from the Dutch Embassy. The park, also known as the "future home" will be at Bogor Botanical Gardens until November 2018 and can be a place of education for visitors to Bogor Botanical Gardens on global warming issues, water availability and sustainability of the diversity of genetic resources.

"We hope that these collaborations can be well implemented and can contribute to the sustainability of germplasm as well as the horticulture industry in particular and for the progress of the Indonesian nation and the country in general," Glenn concluded.