Agriculture For Our Common Future: Indonesian Vocational Teachers visited The Netherlands

Farming has enormous impacts on the world’s most critical resources. At a global level, food production faces multiple limiting actors for key resources such as land, water, energy and agriculture inputs. Accordingly, farmers will have to produce while also ensuring that the circle of the land, the seeds, water, the yields, the market, and the consumers’ connection remain secure.


These expectations pose quite a challenge and the overall outcome still depends very much on the response of millions of mostly small and medium farmers. Where will the solutions come from? If Indonesia is going to realize its potential in agriculture and food production in a sustainable way, it will be through quality improvement of every aspect of the production chain, including education.

Preparing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for the future will attract more and younger farmers or other youth interested in the food and agriculture sector, increase productivity and attract private investment.

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