The Indonesian Government Regulation No. 32/2017 on The Type & Tariff on Non-Tax Revenue Applicable to the Food & Drugs Agency

The Indonesian government recently issued the regulation no. 32/2017 on the type and tariff of the state non-tax revenue applied to food and drug agency. The regulation entered into force on 11 October 2017.

The regulation no. 32/2017 is a renewal of the earlier no. 48/2010 but with more detail. The detail includes the cost for registration and re-registration of products, change of address/production capacity, testing to each categories of products, microbiology, contaminant, ingredients, etc.

Some costs look very reasonable (e.g. Rp. 100.000,- per item); however if calculated eventually, the final amount could be substantial. This what makes critical difference from the former regulation.

In fact some passages and prices remain unchanged, including the clause that the payment for the inspection cost of export establishment to be carried by the export applicants (article 1&2). The inspection cost includes: transportation, accommodation and consumption.

The Indonesian Government Regulation No. 32/2017
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Nevertheless, the is similar regulation on the non-tax revenue applicable to the Ministry of Agriculture that is PP 35/2016.

The Regulations are available on the following link:

PP 32/2017

PP 35/2016