Opening Ecodome in the Botanical Garden in Bogor

Finally, after a journey from The Netherlands, to Philadelphia, the Ecodome has arrived in the famous Botanical Garden of Bogor. It is a present from the Dutch government to celebrate 200th year anniversary of the Botanical Garden in Bogor and to underline our mutual past and present cooperation. On the 13th of November the official opening of the Ecodome  was done by Bapak Didik Widyatmoko, the director of the Botanical Garden of Bogor and the Netherlands’ Ambassador, Rob Swartbol after the welcome speeches of the deputy chair Life sciences of LIPI and the ambassador.

Opening Ecodome in the Botanical Garden in Bogor

Together with Dutch companies, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs wanted to tell the story of Dutch sustainable inventions through this Ecodome. It has to show a collection of ideas around the calling card of the Netherlands’ green sector. The top panels, for example, are covered with moss that helped remove vehicle exhaust from the air. Below the podium, an active technology device is installed – the ultrafie dust reduction system – that captured 70 percent of all particulates in open air. It can even achieve 99 percent purification in a closed settings.

However  the most important thing is that the Ecodome gives a platform during the next twelve month for exhibitions, lectures, discussions and cultural activities related to issues like water, food, agriculture, biodiversity, green city and human rights. The Ecodome is a symbol, a vehicle  a podium for  companies and institutions to show the results of their efforts towards a more sustainable future. Clean water and air, healthy food, ecologic forestry, global warming, carbon dioxide reduction, sustainable cities are examples to protect future generations from an ecological disaster.

Not only was the Ecodome was opened during that day but it was also the celebration of the Flora and Fauna Day and the Plantation Day. This were symbolized by handing over several young fruit  trees to different farmer groups at the podium of the Ecodome. The ceremony was closed by a splendid open air performance by the Rembrandt Frerichs Trio.