Ecodome: together for a sustainable future

In Ecodome, visitors can see, smell, feel and experience how 'green' can be integrated into a healthy lifestyle and living environment. Sustainability and nature go hand in hand with each other and Ecodome is evidence of this. After Amsterdam and Philadelphia, the Ecodome (previously called the traveling Ecodome) is perched in Bogor Botanical Gardens.

Together with Dutch companies, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs wants to tell the story of Dutch sustainable inventions through this Ecodome. It has to show a  collection of ideas around the Netherlands’ green sector. The dome brings together a variety of new material and combines several disciplines in a process known as “sustainism”. Not only is the design innovative, but the program that revolves in and around the Ecodome has to show the possibilities in ecological responsibility, innovation and sustainability. After Amsterdam and Philadelphia, the Ecodome (previously called the traveling Ecodome) is perched in Bogor Botanical Gardens. This pavilion full of plants and flowers symbolizes the Netherlands as a sustainable delta. On the 13th of November the symbolic opening of the Ecodome will take place at 09.30am at the Bogor Botanic Gardens LIPI.

“Congratulations to the Kebun Raya with their 200 years anniversary. The Ecodome is a present from the Dutch government to celebrate this anniversary and to underline our mutual past and present cooperation. The Dome will stay 1 year in the garden and will be a podium for Indonesian and Dutch sustainable business showcases and cultural events”, says Rob Swartbol (Netherlands ambassador to Indonesia).

Greenlabel NL

The Ecodome was developed by Nico Wissing and Lodewijk Hoekstra of NL Greenlabel, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. "The Ecodome is a dream for me," said Wissing to the local Dutch press. The innovations in Ecodome come from Dutch organizations that focus on green living. For example, Ecodome has a healthy indoor climate through a particulate filter that cleans 10,000 cubic meters of dirty air per hour. The visitor is therefore in a clean and pleasant place. Also, the exterior of the dome is covered with moss leaves, which keep rainwater and absorb particulate matter from the sky. But not only Ecodome's techniques are special, but also the interior and design give the project a unique character. The green décor is the work of Mrs. Ineke Turangan where the inspiration behind her design is “green transparency”. She stated that

once you get into the dome, you will be able to see clear green views. Your eyes will see all the peacefulness of the lush surroundings through out the blend of specially designed bamboo arrangement that lets you peek through strategically placed peeping holes.

The opening ceremony consists of symbolic opening of the Ecodome, opening speeches from Chairman of LIPI, Prof. Dr. Bambang Subiyanto and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, H.E. Drs. Rob Swartbol. After the official ceremony there will be a reception and musical performance by a jazz trio from the Netherlands, Rembrandt Frerichs Trio. Dutch companies, Ambassadors and other invited guests will grace the opening with their presence.