3G - Glintung Go Green

In an area in Malang, East Java, Indonesia, precisely in the village gintung where its citizens together with the local government build home environment with greening. This village now call 3G - Glintung Go Green.

The movement they call 3G (Glintung Go Green), effectively only two years old, but continues to move forward and carve out the pretation.

Movements that are buttom up and self-supporting, slowly but surely continue to move forward. Citizen participation grew by itself. In this region the work of devotion does not recognize the time of day or night. In the middle they grow what they call the Dalu Tribe, a group of citizens who specifically do the work of devotion in the night.

So many agricultural development going on in this area which attract attention from abroad like from UK, Japan and Colombia have visited this area.

Self-help communities are learning how to grow vegetables and food crops. Under the guidance of East Java Agricultural Technology Assessment Institute, the technology applied varies, ranging from conventional ways in the field and in pots / polybags, to hydroponics systems. It is introduced, as well so that people can choose the technology that best suits their conditions.

Glintung community performance in 3G implementation seems to attract the attention of Malang City Government. It is said that because the growth of 3G pure community initiative and self-help as well. Since 2013 Glintung has been participated in Kampung Bersinar Competition, the Green Village movement of Decofresh, so that in 2014 it is selected as the top five winner of the highest score in cleanliness assessment in Malang. Unexpectedly, 3G also attracted the attention of Menkominfo and environmental activists from North Sumatra.

From the slum to the village with the socio-economic problems described above, it is now beautiful, comfortable and peaceful. Not that Glintung has turned into heaven, because there are still some problems, desires and plans of society that have not been fully achieved.

And now days Glintung area are become educational tourism spot for most people who are visit to Malang, East Java, Indonesia.

This is the contact details of 3G Village :


Phone: 081253019158

E-mail: glintunggogreen@gmail.com