Global tender enquiry for supply of High Value Horticulture fruit plants/planting material in India

The agriculture department of the Netherlands Embassy in Delhi wishes to inform potential Dutch exporters of fruit planting materials about a recently published e-tender by the Indian authorities for the procurement for the season 2022-2023 of fruit plants of various varieties /cultivars/ root-stock varieties like apples and walnuts.                                                                                                                                                                                                            F

Beeld: ©Adobe Stock

Deadline for the submission is 29 August 2022; 13:00hrs.

If you as a Dutch organisations is applying for a global tender in India for the first time then we will like to share the following suggestion: 

  1. It is good for a Netherlands based company to have an Indian company as a partner who applies for the tender. 
  2. The Indian company needs to have a track record to have successfully applied for tender and having implemented it. 
  3. The lowest cost bidder is generally selected in a global tender. It is important for a company applying for the tender to understand the cost implication. 
  4. Global tenders may not have provision for royalty payment. Hence a company should have full understanding of terms & conditions when to royalty payment or propagation of a variety.