Webinar Invitation 6 October 2021 : Agrifood Tech in India- Disruptions & Opportunities

You are cordially invited to join our online webinar on 6 October, 2021, titled ‘Agrifood Tech in India: Disruptions & Opportunities’.

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Big data, market linkage models, farming as a service, and IoT enabled technological development. These are some of the areas Indian Agriculture Technology start-ups are focusing on, to support the country’s growing demand for horticulture, dairy, and livestock produce. The rise of modern trade and e-commerce brings with it several disruptions and opportunities on which we will shine a light during our webinar.
Why join?
The webinar will act as a thought-starter where we aim to:

  1. Give an overview of the Agriculture and Food Technology space in India;
  2. Deep-dive into potential opportunity and collaboration spaces for Dutch companies;
  3. Share examples of disruptors/innovators that are changing the emerging Agri-Food Tech landscape in India such as DeHaat, Intellolabs and Fasal.

For more information on the speakers and webinar details, registration and links, please visit the below link.