Hungary: Dutch Flower Art in Budapest’s Public Spaces, where culture meets horticulture

The Garden of Delight exhibition brings iconic Dutch flowers to the busy tram stops of the Hungarian capital

NL insignia and flowers at the Garden of Delight opening in Budapest
Beeld: ©Netherlands Embassy Hungary
The site of the opening of the exhibition - The 47-49 tram stop at Deák tér in central Budapest.

Last Thursday morning, a large-scale Dutch visual art exhibition was opened by Ambassador of the Netherlands to Hungary H.E. René van Hell in the presence of Deputy Mayor of Budapest Gábor Kerpel-Fronius and Tibor Bolla, CEO of BKV Zrt., the capital’s public transport company in central Budapest.

Colorful fields of tulips, greenhouses, flower markets, tulip bulbs, horticultural innovation, floriculture shows, the world’s largest flower auction – Flowers are an intrinsic symbol deeply embedded into the Netherland’s economy, society and culture. The new art exhibit, titled Garden of Delight, commissioned by the Netherlands Embassy in Hungary, celebrates Dutch flower culture with the presentation of  twenty-five Citylight posters depicting the floral-themed works of Dutch artists and photographers placed in the stops of one of Budapest’s most frequented, central tram lines, Line 47-49.

Ambassador of the Netherlands to Hungary H. E. René van Hell distributing flowers to passers-by
Beeld: ©Netherlands Embassy in Hungary
Ambassador of the Netherlands to Hungary H. E. René van Hell distributing flowers to passers-by.

The exhibition is meant to convey the feeling of “an imaginary garden walk” – In each tram stop, a different picture is installed and commuters can tour the Garden of Delight while riding Budapest’s iconic yellow tram.

The Citylight posters also include QR codes so that commuters waiting in the stops can visit the exhibition’s website and find out more about the photos and the artists.

As a part of the opening last Thursday, a thousand orange flowers were distributed to passers-by by the Ambassador and the Embassy team.

For more information on the exhibition, click here.

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