The Netherlands exported over 431mln EURO worth of agri-food products to Saudi Arabia in 2018

The Dutch export of agricultural goods to the Gulf Region was worth €1,41 billion in 2018, which shows an increase of 8,5% compared to the year before. More than 30,6% of those agricultural goods (€431,4 million), was exported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The export of agricultural goods made up 13% of the total trade from the Netherlands to Saudi Arabia.

Please find the full article on Dutch agri-food export to Saudi Arabia in 2018 here, including information about the main commodities, export to the Gulf Region and agri-food export from Saudi Arabia to the Netherlands.

This article has been written by the Agriculture Office of the Netherlands to the Gulf Region. Publishing date: August 5th, 2019. For inquiries please contact Sophie Hollanders on