2021 planned activities on dairy in Ethiopia

A recent study of Wageningen University and Research (WUR), concluded that “Ethiopia is a dairy giant, which is starting to awake”. So this is the moment to focus more on dairy in Ethiopia!   

The upcoming African Livestock Exhibition and Congress (ALEC) is planned to have interesting activities on Dairy. ALEC is anticipated to be held live (in-person) from the 28th to the 30th of October, 2021 aims to bridge the various gaps in the livestock value chain by attracting numerous visitors and exhibitors from all over the world to do business in Ethiopia and in the surrounding countries. Being held for the sixth time in Addis Ababa, the ALEC in Addis has proved to be the primary and significant event for the livestock sector development in East Africa and in Africa's most considerable livestock populated country, Ethiopia. More details and statistics about ALEC can be found here.

Within livestock, dairy is one of the focus sectors at the Exhibition and an interesting one for the Ethiopian market. The Business Opportunity Report on Dairy in Ethiopia, which has recently been initiated by the Embassy, shows for example that the number of dairy processing firms in Ethiopia has increased over the last decade, supplying a significant part of its processed dairy products to the city residents. Although challenges remain upstream at the production level, important changes are also being witnessed. 

To present the results of this new Business Opportunity Report and to discuss on the various opportunities and developments within the Ethiopian Dairy sector, the Embassy is working with several partners to organize a Webinar on Dairy in Ethiopia on Thursday September 9th , 2021. The Webinar is also anticipated to host interesting guest speakers, including the private sector and experts active in the Dairy value chain in Ethiopia. Last but not least, the Webinar will provide details about the opportunities of participating at the ALEC in Addis Ababa in October as well. 

In case there is a real interest among a sufficient number of Dutch related companies active in dairy to visit the ALEC in the last week of October, the Embassy plans to work with several partners to organize various dairy events, like a matchmaking session, networking event, dairy conference and dairy business tour outside Addis. Even a Dutch pavilion to represent the Netherlands might be an option for consideration.

If you have serious plans to visit the ALEC in Addis Ababa in October this year and you are interested to participate in one or more of our dairy events, please let us know and confirm your attendance to our email addresses: ADD-LNV@minbuza.nl and/or sander@resiliencebv.com.

For further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via +251 94 473 2359