Conference Advancing sustainable animal products

The ministry of LNV is organising the Northwest European conference "Advancing sustainable animal products" (ASAP) with several workshops on 2 December. The goal is to exchange knowledge and promote integration concerning the importance of sustainability and animal welfare in production, sales and consumption of animal products. Also a call for contributions has been set out.

Northwest European countries are similar in relevant ways. Our markets are strongly intertwined. Moreover, there is a growing awareness of the importance of sustainability and animal welfare. In the whole food value chain, initiatives exist that aim to give these values a more central place in production, sales and consumption of animal products.

At the same time, there is as of yet relatively little international integration of these initiatives. For this reason this conference is organised in order to exchange knowledge and promote integration.

The conference will be held with stakeholders throughout the whole food value chain from Northwest European countries (e.g. the Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, and Belgium).


The ASAP conference will be held on Wednesday 2 December 2020 from 13:30 to 15:30h. The whole programme will take place online. Registration is now open.


After registration, you have access to the conference platform. The conference will be broadcast through this platform on 2 December. It can also be used beforehand to connect with other stakeholders. Moreover, you find the draft programme and summaries of the workshops on this platform.

Call for contributions

In preparation of the conference, a call for contributions has been set out. Stakeholders are invited to contribute ambitions and put forward challenges for sustainability and animal welfare, in search for Northwest European cooperation. The contributions will be given a spotlight at the conference (depending on time and relevance).

We invite businesses, civil-society organisations and fellow governments to respond to the call and, in doing so, draft a common agenda. We hope to see you there, and to welcome many signatories.

The deadline for contributions is 25 November.

For more information about the calls for contribution and the welcome message by minister Carola Schouten, follow this link.


How can we get consumers to buy sustainably? And how can farmers be rewarded for their efforts to improve sustainability and animal welfare? In 2020, the Ministry of LNV organized a series of workshops to identify obstacles and create solutions – together. We welcomed participants from businesses, civil-society organisations and fellow EU member states from Northwest Europe.

Country-based workshops

From June to September, a series of country-based workshops took place in Germany, Denmark, France, and Belgium.

Thematic workshops

In October, four thematic workshops took place. The themes were selected on the basis of what came up in the country-based workshops.

For more information and details about the highlights and topics of each workshop, please follow this link.


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