Ukraine: Adjustments to exemptions to entry ban as of 16 March

Good news for Dutch companies and their foreigner business partners! The exceptions to the Dutch travel ban will be initiated again from 16 March onwards.

Travel from Ukraine to NL
Beeld: ©#UAgroNL

If you are a business partner of a Dutch company that needs to travel to the Netherlands, if you have valid visa or biometric passport you can apply at the Embassy for a Note Verbale to enter the country.

An entry ban is in place for people travelling from outside the EU. A number of exemption categories had temporarily been removed from the list, but have now been added again. People in the following categories are allowed to enter the Netherlands for a short period again: business travellers, students, highly-skilled migrants, professionals from the cultural and creative sectors and people in long-distance romantic relationships.

Checklist for travel to the Netherlands

Applying for a short-stay Schengen visa