Indonesia: Urban Farming as solace in the middle of the COVID-19 quarantine

People are turning their focus to urban farming as they remain stay in their homes to help in the effort to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia. Urban agriculture is becoming a trend in urban communities in Indonesia with views from the number of posts on social media with hashtag urban faming.

Urban farming in big cities like Jakarta, Bogor, Yogyakarta and other cities received much attention from the government. Of course, the government is very supportive of this and recommends the community to plant crops in their home yards. Recently the DKI Jakarta Government's food, marine, agriculture (KPKP) service government cooperated with PT Bank DKI to hold an online seminar titled "Urban Farming with Hydroponic Technology". The online seminar was attended by 410 participants from 24 regions in Indonesia. From that event, the most popular urban farming method is the hydroponic vegetable growing system which is increasingly in demand by the community, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is interesting is that most of the people who grow crops in their homes are those who work from home (WFH). Apparently WFH has high flexibility. It is also intended to support a balance between work and life at home, so that the community also has plenty of free time that can be utilized for other activities. The concept is simple and clearly does not require large fund and does not require a large spaces / land. And most of the harvest is used to meet the food needs on their household.

Source: Indonesia National News



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