Ascania-Flora plans to destroy most of roses due to quarantaine, drop in demand

The Ascania-Flora rose growing greenhouse complex (Kyiv region), part of Ascania group of companies, plans to destroy most of its finished products due to quarantine restrictions introduced in Ukraine and a sharp drop in demand, Deputy Director General for Commercial Affairs of Ascania Flora Victor Fedorenko has said.

"Due to quarantine measures, the demand for flowers fell sharply. Our sales market is focused on Ukraine by more than 90%, and now it has decreased to minimum levels, rose shipments have decreased several times. For the 20 years of the enterprise's operation, we have faced such situation for the first time. Unfortunately, most of the finished products will be destroyed. The situation is worsened with the fact that roses have a limited shelf life of only seven days, during which the flower must be sold," he told Interfax-Ukraine.

According to Fedorenko, the issue of preserving roses as a plant today is urgent, since it is expensive to keep greenhouses in proper condition during total loss period. Growing flowers in greenhouses requires a lot of funds, the lion's share of the cost is for heating and lighting.

"We do not know how much we can work in such conditions. It depends on how long the quarantine lasts. Today, we are trying to reduce costs, but turning off the lights and lowering the temperature will have a very negative impact on the plant. It is difficult to say if we can restore it," Fedorenko said.

He also said that in the worst cases, extremely few greenhouse enterprises in general will be able to resume their work after the end of quarantine in Ukraine.


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