Floristic Competition "Christmas Fairy Show". Kyiv, Ukraine

"Creating beauty, let's take care of the environment!" - Office of the Agricultural Counsellor supports the National Floristic Competition “ChristmasFairyShow”.

The Netherlands and Ukraine are closely linked in the field of floriculture. It's not just planting material, cut flowers and decorative materials. It is also the tradition of Dutch florists which are borrowed, developed and applied in its new "Ukrainian" embodiment.

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The Dutch floricultural sector is known for its unique varieties of plants, leading cultivation methods and efficient logistics. It is also known for its constant search for sustainable production technologies, biodiversity conservation, minimization of waste and negative environmental impact.

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Supporting the National Floristic Competition “ChristmasFairyShow” in the framework of the, the Office of the Agricultural Counselor of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ukraine aimув to engage Ukrainian floristics in modern eco-trends and to introduce sustainable working methods to their everyday practice. These include the abandonment of synthetic materials, the separation of organic and inorganic waste and its proper recycling.

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"Creating beauty, let's take care of the environment!" 

And such a message was promoted by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine during and the Competition together with its partners:

Flower CircusGreenAge and the Association of Ukrainian Florists

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Competition took place on September 15-16 at the IEC (Kyiv).

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"Creating beauty, let's take care of the environment!". The national competition of florists of Ukraine "Christmas Fair Tale - 2021" took place on September 15-16, 2021 as part of the exhibition of Christmas products and seasonal decor Christmas_trade_show. The event is organized by the Association of Ukrainian Florists and Parus Expo Media. As part of the competition, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine helped launch an environmental project in the floristic sector aimed at the disposal of plant waste. The purpose of the event was to draw the attention of florists and flower shops to the environmental problems, responsible choice of materials, awareness of the need for recycling and proper disposal of waste. The Embassy's initiative within the framework of the Competition was supported by the Dutch company Flower Circus and a young Kyiv company GreenAge, which specializes in sorting bio and other waste. SDG 12: Responsible Consumption