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  1. Uitnodiging tot deelname aan de Expo Agrofuturo 2022

    Ben je actief in de agrarische sector en geïnteresseerd in Colombia? Aanmelden voor Expo Agrofuturo 2022 kan tot uiterlijk 31 mei ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 02-03-2022 | 19:36

  2. Agricultural projects by LAN in Peru

    As part of the objectives set out by LNV, the LAN team has launched 4 projects in the agricultural sector with the intention of  ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 02-03-2022 | 17:17

  3. A closer look at the LAN ANDES Annual Plan for Colombia, Peru and Ecuador

    Promoting sustainable food production linked to nature conservation and assisting Dutch companies, knowledge institutes and NGO’s ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 25-02-2022 | 17:45

  4. Is Colombia at risk of becoming a “hunger hotspot”?

    In recent days the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Food Program (WFP) presented the ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 05-02-2022 | 00:00

  5. Agro reception as a welcome to the new Agricultural Counselor for Colombia, Ecuador and Peru - Léontine Crisson.

    This year’s farewell took place on December 15th and as an occasion to celebrate the good cooperation with public entities, NGOs, ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 28-12-2021 | 15:58

  6. 'Verduurzaming agroketens speerpunt in Colombia en Peru'

    Efficiënt gebruik van water, biologische gewasbescherming en vermindering van de voedselverliezen in de agrologistieke keten. Dat ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 15-11-2021 | 13:46

  7. The Colombian nursery sector and The Netherlands: The bond between our countries flourishes

    The diplomatic representation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Colombia, headed by Ambassador – Mr. Ernst Noorman, along with ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 04-11-2021 | 00:00

  8. Ahora: Innovative initiative to improve the productivity of Colombian agriculture

    From Guggenheim to Bogota, under the leadership of the Colombian agricultural company Sáenz Fety, a container to showcase ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 29-10-2021 | 00:00

  9. Corabastos and Bogota’s Food Bank: Inside the food supply system of a Megacity

    The conformation of Bogotá as the capital city of Colombia resulted in a rapid and massive concentration of inhabitants along ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 15-10-2021 | 16:23

  10. Rural connectivity for the young, a support to the ongoing Hosts for Peace project

    Hosts for Peace is the rural and extended version of the Manq’a model (read: MANQ’A gastronomy schools, beyond cooking | Colombia ...

    Nieuwsbericht | 01-10-2021 | 18:43