Banasan: agro-export company of the banana sector in Colombia

Early this month the Bogotá LAN-team and RVO (Partners for Water) met with the CEO and the sustainability coordinator of Banasan, Colombia’s largest banana exporter. Banasan collects and commercializes bananas from different types of farmers from the area, and has its own farms, too. We discussed the programme the Netherlands support in the region. In this, local stakeholders including banana farmers and Banasan work together with Dutch water knowledge companies on improving water management. This is more and more necessary due to climate change effects.

Banasan company
Beeld: ©LAN / LNV

Banasan works together with prominent Dutch retailers, and is very keen on their value chain being the most sustainable possible, meeting farmer and consumer needs. The company is located in Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast, near the most important centers of banana cultivation in Colombia. Santa Marta one of the key ports of the country, mainly for exports of bananas as well as certified palm oil, mainly to the Netherlands. So next time you enjoy a banana, it may very well have arrived to your home from Santa Marta!

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