2019 HortiflorExpo IPM took place in Shanghai

The 21th HortiflorExpo IPM took place on 20-22 April in Shanghai. This trade fair was one of the biggest in Asia for Floriculture, Horticulture and garden industry.  This year 25 Dutch companies joined Holland Pavilion, and other either more were outside of Holland Pavilion.  Mr. Henk Stigter, Agricultural Counsellor for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Affairs, made a keynote speech at the opening. 

Landbouwraad Henk Stigter verzorgt keynote speech

During the fair, the Consulate General in Shanghai and Embassy in Beijing organized a “Seminar on Sustainable Horticulture Development – Experiences in the Netherlands”.  Four topics were focused: 1.) Hi-tech Greenhouse Technology in the Netherlands; 2.) Circular Horticulture - New practice; 3.) Consumption Trends of Floriculture Products; 4.) New Concept Design of Flower Parks in the World.  The seminar was very successful in terms of  attendance and a lot of questions.  Madame Yang, Deputy Secretary General of China Flower Association (CFA), gave  a keynote speech.  Some 80 people participated this seminar.  And they were from all over China.  At this Hortiflor Expo we changed from company promotions to more theme focused topics. 

The networking reception was also appreciated by Dutch exhibitors and visitors who came from the Netherlands. During the networking reception, Viscon industrials announced that they will set up WOFE in China soon.  The Embassy, together with Cohort Consulting, released a report “Overview of Floriculture industry in China”.  Dutch companies can get this report via email request: pek-lnv@minbuza.nl.  More than 90 people attended this network reception.

Next year Hortiflor Expo IPM will shift to Beijing.  Those who are interested in participation shall send the request to pek-lnv@minbuza.nl.

A few statements

"Thanks for organizing everything, Holland Pavilion, seminar and networking reception.  A big success trade fair, I think.  The seminar is one of the best ever.  Focusing on topics is a good approach. We may continue next year.  

Fulco Wijdooge – General manager, Ridder Group (Shanghai)

“China can be differentiated into several climate zones. Dutch greenhouse builders deliver a tailor made concept according to every type of climate. We can provide specialized climate control according to every type of climate.”

Wierd Vonk – General manager, Hoogendoorn Asia

 “It was an honor and a pleasure for us to prepare this updated report. In the coming years, we see excellent opportunities in China for Dutch suppliers and investors in the following sectors: Greenhouse engineering and construction; Cultivation technology and climate control equipment for greenhouses. Flower bulbs and other planting materials; Training, education, project management and consulting services.”

Oscar Niezen - CEO CoHort Consulting