China Food Safety Law - Practical procedures, trends and opportunities for Dutch companies

The focus on food in China has shifted in the past decades from providing sufficient food for millions of people, to ensuring safe and high quality food. This trend has been reinforced by numerous food scandals that have occurred in China in the past ten years. The Chinese government is working hard to prioritize food policymaking and in 2015, a new Food Safety Law was published.

The new China Food Safety Law provided an extensive framework under which not only domestic food companies but also overseas food trading enterprises need to match its distinctive requirements. This brochure will analyze the basic overview of the structure of the food safety regulatory system, and practical and administrative procedures will be explained for compliance measures that companies are required to undertake. Then the current legislative environment for the two largest export product categories, dairy and meat, will be discussed, followed lastly by an extensive SWOT analysis for Dutch food trading companies under Chinese food safety legislation.

Please download the brochure by clicking the link below created by Yibo Jiang, intern of the Agriculture Department of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.