Dutch Toundra Greenhouses in Quebec

On Dec 14th, 2016 was the official opening of the Dutch Toundra Greenhouses in Quebec, Canada. It was a grandiose opening.

The prime minister of Quebec was present at the opening as well as six of his cabinet ministers. There were also two members of the federal government. There was a total of around 350 people who attended this special opening. Every individual who spoke at the opening mentioned the collaboration of the companies from the Netherlands, but also highlighted that the Dutch were the best in the business of horticulture and greenhouses. Pieter van Velden and Carel from the Dutch company AAB International and Wouter from the Dutch company Kobo are important collaborators of the project.

This greenhouse will be used as an example for the realization of other potential projects elsewhere in the province of Quebec; since the sceptics are now convinced of the feasibility of such a project. The opening of Serres Toundra, an 8.5 ha cucumber nursery, is the first of four phases which will be built in the next years under supervision of AAB International.