Bulgaria: Annual Budget of Lv 6.4 Mln for Beekeeping Approved

Sofia - Agriculture, Food and Forestry Minister Roumen Porozhanov has approved the fifth National Beekeeping Programme for the 2020-2022 period with a budget of 6,400,000 leva for each of the three years of its implementation, the Agriculture Ministry said in a press release.

A new element in the fifth National Beekeeping Programme is the provision for the first time of funding for exchange of knowledge and good technological practices in beekeeping and the organization of markets for honey bee products from local beekeepers. Another new element is the funding for the transportation of bee colonies during pollen collection.

The National Beekeeping Programme for 2020-2022 pays special attention to the study into the resistance of the Varroa mite to the veterinary medicinal products funded by the Programme.

Envisaged are measures to finance lab analyses of honey bee products so as to assist beekeepers in selling their products.

Also to be funded are applied research programmes in the field of beekeeping, including monitoring of pesticide residues in bees in areas with intensive farming.􀁔

Source: BTA Daily news