Bulgarian Pig Breeding Sector – free report available!

The Agricultural Office of the Netherlands to Bulgaria and Romania aims to signal business opportunities for Dutch agri-food business and create connections between Dutch and local parties. We believe knowledge of the market developments is a key for detecting trends and identifying chances. 

Bulgaria shows a steady macroeconomic growth and rising consumer demand. Local investments are stimulated by the optimistic business environment and supported by the availability of EU funds.

In order to receive more insights how the general positive trend influences the pig breeding sector we commissioned a market survey.

The report presents an overview of different aspects of the business – trends in production, consumption and trade, technology level, inputs efficiency, value chain structure as well as information on legal framework, public support and key market players.

Additional important element we considered is the manure management practices in Bulgaria, area where The Netherlands has lots to offer, but the local information was scarce.

Thinking of the prospects of the Bulgarian pig sector, we could not skip the chapter on Animal Health Status & Veterinary regulations and the impact they might have on the business.

The survey outlined promising opportunities for doing business in Bulgaria, related to: equipment, technology and knowledge transfer at every stage of the pork supply chain; investments in pig farms and investment in large-scale industrial slaughterhouse/meat-making factory.

We trust this Pig Breeding report could serve as a manual for the Dutch knowledge, technology and input providers in doing business in Bulgaria and I invite them to explore the opportunities of this market!

If you are Dutch entrepreneur active in the pig sector and want to receive free copy of the Pig Breeding in Bulgaria Report, please send an email to: sof-lnv@minbuza.nl.