Four Bird Flu Outbreaks Registered in Bulgaria

A total of four bird flu outbreaks have been registered so far across Bulgaria. They are in the northeastern region of Dobrich and the southeastern regions of Haskovo, Sliven and Yambol, the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency said.

Two sources of bird flu have been registered in two villages in Straldzha Municipality, Yambol Region, Regional Governor Dimiter Ivanov said Friday.

Birds tested positive for bird flu at a poultry farm in Zimnitsa (some 8,000 birds), have been culled, as well as at a goose farm in Charda.

Ivanov said that there is no risk for private farms. All birds in the 2 km perimeter around the sources of the disease will be examined.

Bird flu was also registered in the villages of Gloushnik (Sliven region) and Ouzundzhovo (Haskovo region). Those birds were privately owned by local residents and raised in their back yards.

The first outbreak was registered in mid-October in the village of Stefanovo (Dobrich Region) at a large poultry farm.

All measures have been taken in accordance with the veterinary medicine legislation.

Source: BTA Daily news, 6 Nov 2017


Outbreak in Zimnitsa
Outbreak in Straldzha Municipality
Outbreak in Charda