Sector Sketch Agribusiness Minas Gerais

This sector sketch Agribusiness Minas Gerais describes the commercial and industrial value chain involving  agricultural or livestock production.

Brazil is a leading world supplier of Sugar, Coffee and Orange Juice.

Agribusiness represents 24% of Brazilian GDP (2016) and generates 30.5 million direct and indirect jobs. Furthermore it contributes with 81.86 billion US Dollars to the Brazilian trade balance.

Agribusiness MG

In the state of Minas Gerais, with an NBSO (Netherlands Business Support Office) located in its capital Belo Horizonte, Agribusiness Minas Gerais is very impressive due to its plurality of crops, livestock and industrial development of the food and beverage sector. Agribusiness in Minas Gerais is the second most important economic activity after mining. The key activities in Minas Gerais; Coffee, Sugar, Beverages, Dairy, Genetic Improvement, Cattle, Potatoes and Fruit are discussed in further detail as well as oppotunities for Dutch Agribusiness companies that are looking to Brazil as potential export market.

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