Company profile: Benassi Fruit & Vegetable Trading Ltda.

Cassiano Thomazetto is an International Buyer at Benassi Importação & Exportação Ltda., a Brazilian fruit and vegetables trading company which supplies the entire city of São Paulo and the south coast of the homonymous state, besides the cities of Brasília, Campo Grande, Cuiaba and Manaus. In this article he discourses about the history of the company and the product they trade.


Our history began 65 years ago in a small fruit stand on the Anhanguera Highway in Jundiaí, upstate São Paulo, where we sold our own banana, coffee and grape production. With an entrepreneurial spirit, the business run by the Benassi family prospered and in 1952 with the sale of grapes in the Cantareira Market.

Fifteen years later the Benassi family joined the Ceagesp founders in commercialize grapes, strawberries, lettuce, cabbage, escarole and tomatoes for the entire states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Goiás and the northern region of the country.

In the middle of the 80's the Benassi Group, already consolidated in the market, took advantage of the peak of sweet melon, mango and grape to evolve with the expansion of branches in Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Campinas. In 1992 came the opportunity to enter in the import market, starting with the apples of Chile, the initiative was very successful, later the Benassi Group invested on the import and distribution of various fruits. Later, the Benassi Group in partnership with the Meyer company opened a branch in Rauco - Chile.

World leader

The innovations and entrepreneurial vision of the Benassi Group have earned the title of world leader in commercialization and import in the fruit grower market and numerous prizes by APAS (the supermarket association from the state of São Paulo) for many years in a row. The 5 most imported products by the Benassi Group, given by country and volume, are displayed in table  (below).

Benassi table

The tradition and honesty of this family were fundamental to success. In addition to supermarkets we also serve schools, industrial kitchens, hotels, ships and oil rigs. Our entrepreneurial vocation has already surpassed the fruits and vegetables sector, in more than 60 years of history, we have already diversified our activities by investing in other sectors such as frozen foods, civil construction, technology for air purification, logistics and transportation, fuel stations, among others.

driving forces

Commitment to quality and union were the driving forces behind this solid history of expansion and great achievements. Here, union really makes the difference.

Cassiano Thomazetto

Benassi São Paulo Importação Exportação Ltda

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