Opportunities for Private and Public Cooperation between Angola and The Netherlands on Agriculture and Food - Report 2017

Partly due to the oil crisis and the economic crisis in general, the Angolan government has realized and stated frequently in most of its policy documents that agriculture and food production must become important sectors within the Angolan economy (MPDT, 2012). The province of Huambo is considered by many to be the province with the highest potential of agricultural production and subsequently food processing. The soils are among the best of Angola, due to its altitude the climate is rather modest and water for irrigation is abundantly available.

This report (2017) focusses on those agricultural sub-sectors that The Netherlands has worldwide a strong position in, both technically as from a trade point of view. 

For a full copy of the report, kindly contact the Agricultural Department, Pretoria at PRE-LNV@minbuza.nl